No kidding…it’s painful.
Kyle Plate

I changed my thinking about how I interact with LinkedIn a while back with no regrets. The moment anyone posts something political, even if I might agree with what they say, I unfollow. LinkedIn is, to me, all about business not politics. It hasn’t happened yet, but if someone in my circles directly sends me political stuff, I’ll block/disconnect them.

The cesspool of LinkedIn politics is pernicious in that it is all cloaked. There is enough awareness that if you openly insult an individual it will likely negatively effect your prospects. So instead it is all about signaling by posting about how this group or that is evil, incompetent, or something-ist. Hence, I block/unfollow any such claptrap there.

Here I limit blocking someone because they’ve demonstrated a refusal to do anything but insult and demean directly, demonstrated what I call “proxy ad hominem” by insulting a group, or they demonstrate they are entirely uninterested or unwilling to engage in reasoned and rational discussion.

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