A lot of people feel their comments are not being acknowledged and there’s no transparency about the decisions being taken.
Response to Sand Farnia: Complaints on Medium
Isidra Mencos

If someone wants to give the powers that be at Medium constructive criticism, they should be sending them email, not writing yet another whineical. They should also understand that there are opinions and desires from other people that conflict with their own. Whining about something Medium does it does not do doesn’t mean it will change to their way.

This is where that sense of entitlement spills out. Why should random user expect Medium to seek out their whinicle, rather than take the proper steps to be heard by them? Why should random user expect their grievances to hold sway? Absent sufficient cause to support those notions whinicles are at best just whining but easily seen as entitlement mentality of virtue signaling. Posting whinicles is almost always about the author, not the target.

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