Funnily enough, the conclusion you should draw from this is that the vast majority of young people writing policy today are drawn from the 1%.
It’s Like Uber But for the Dispossessed
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

If you had referenced actual data, this might be a valid conclusion. As it stands it is a pre-supposed conclusion. But there is more.

You assume that interns are of the “1%” based on a presumed ability to live in D.C. for three months unpaid. So clearly you are referring to summer interns. You then also assert these interns have some sort of significant impact on legislation to help startups. This argument is full of holes.

First, congress is in session for much longer than summer. Second, congress is usually in recess for most of the the summer. So this tiny portion of the staff called summer interns, present for less than three months for most of which congress is in session, are somehow writing all these policies.

I say prove it. Or at least offer something reasonable up to support the notion. As it is it is just a bunch of sophistry which when clearly delineated fails on its face.

You want us to believe that U.S. Senators and members of The House of Representatives pay full-time staffers who are there year round, have contacts and relationships with other staffers and with lobbyists, yet defer to letting unpaid interns who don’t know anybody and have no relationships write policies for overvalues startups.

This post isn’t what it should be, it is a poorly disguised rant at a demographic. There is a problem it mentions but then ignores.

The problem isn’t interns or where they come from. The problem is allowing Congress to grant favors via legislation. If Congress isn’t allowed to micromanage businesses, to grant protection and favors to certain businesses, then the problem being glossed over here, as well as the made up one presented, goes away.

And for your token nod to diversity, it wouldn’t matter one iota if the entire intern population of D.C. was “100% diverse” — because that also isn’t the issue. Poor minorities have no more insight into how to manage entire industries than purported spoiled rich white kids. Everyone will continue to mismanage the economy because you can’t actually manage an economy. Every law passed or regulation written will benefit one company or industry over another. This is unavoidable, and when understood you realize that people complaining are really complaining that they aren’t the ones given the advantage.

Every time you call for more regulation, you perpetuate and exacerbate the problem of corruption. Every time you avoid the problem by tilting at windmills such as internships, you protect the problem.