Welp, I’m a writer and a full time student, not a troll.
April Hunter

So basically you don’t have any evidence to support your claim. If you don’t like people pointing out your claims are not supported by research and that the research available says your claims are false then I’d suggest either making sure you claims that can be backed up with fact, stating them as opinion, or not making false claims. Especially when your claim fails basic math. Oh and your latest doesn’t deal with anything at hand in this discussion. It seems to be a decent article, but didn’t address levels of sexual desire or research on it.

Oh and as far time to check your claims it took all of maybe 10 minutes to see the research runs counter to your claims. If you can’t be bothered to spend ten minutes to make sure you aren’t making such invalid claims, then perhaps stay away from making claims as to what research indicates and stick to personal stories, which you are clearly better at.

And there is no arguing here. Just you making unsupported claims and me explaining why they are wrong. I’d even be happy to post links directly to research if I thought you’d have the slightest interest in actually learning what the research does in fact say.

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