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Looking back over my responses and yours as well, I realized I misinterpreted your words and intents. I agree that I responded condescendingly in response to your words, which I was perceiving to be condescending. I don’t have any issue admitting fault and I apologize for insulting you.

Thank you, that is appreciated. Now I can quit re-reading what I wrote trying to figure out where I was condescending! ;)

The reason why I respond is because you take the time to give me thoughtful responses and it doesn’t feel right to simply ignore your words.

That is a relief to read! I was sincerely hoping something like that was the case.

Maybe we can try this: we could restart this discussion in a more focused manner and see where that goes?

Yes, please! In recognition of my misunderstanding, perhaps one of us can state what it was they were trying to drive toward (or from)? Since this all started with my response to you perhaps you are in the best position to do so? Part of the “problem” with public discussions is that multiple people are involved, which can tangle things. Granted, that is also a benefit. So perhaps if we start free from other commentary we’ll stand a better chance.

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