nd your whole thing about the birth rate decreasing has nothing to do with what you say later about having kids being the norm
People aren’t just asking.
A.Y. Siu

That isn’t accurate. Basic math demonstrates that it the birth rate is declining because people aren’t “replacing themselves”. The research shows this isn’t simply women resisting the enormous pressure of people expressing their opinion on childbearing but a full cross section of societal decrease in desire for children.

That doesn’t mean everybody feels the same and attempting to imply it does in not conducive to decent discussion. I have never responded to you posting what your life is about so to relay yours and then act as if I have is also unproductive at best and insulting at worst.

That said the same advise applies to you. Your friends, family, coworkers, and yes even random strangers can “pressure” you all day with questions, opinions, and surprise at a decision to not have kids. They can call you names. But it you and you alone who have the control over how you choose to take and react to it. And yes, it is a choice.

If you don’t like the way you react to other people’s words then change it. Whining about it is unproductive and like a hit from a drug. Sure it feel perhaps a tad good for a short few moments, you get that rush of adrenaline from expressing anger, but then it is gone and you have accomplished nothing lasting, down nothing productive.

The world isn’t going to stop having opinions and expectations different than you want. All the complaining you can do in a lifetime isn’t going to change it. But you can change yourself. You can change your reaction and simply let it go.

And honestly if you can’t stand up to that kind of “pressure” you certainly should not be having kids. Kids apply a lot of that type of “pressure” and are far better at it than adults. Maybe you can tell the “procreation bullies” that and stop them in their tracks.

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