If you want to stop illegal immigration, you must heavily penalize businesses who hire undocumented workers, while also understanding such decisions will increase the price of some consumer goods.
Let’s Talk Immigration
Mom with a Ph.D.

This will do nothing to address the stated problem. It has been tried, and no correlation has been shown between penalties for hiring someone without checking in with D.C. and the purported rates of illegal immigration.

Regarding taxes the argument that because the IRS can provide an illegally immigrated person with a TIN they they are coke lectins in this in significant numbers is untenable. If this were the case the IRS’s documentation on it would demonstrate it. Yet it does not.

Did you know you can report income derived from illegal sources or activity on your taxes? Do you seriously think this is happening? I don’t, and for the same rational reasons: when you are under the threat of legal whack-a-mole you keep your damned head down. By the way the IRS’ data supports the claim this rarely has actually happened.

Despite the media, and the Democrats’, insistence immigration isn’t really fueling the rise of Trump. Saying racism, fascism, or immigration are driving factors of Trump’s candidacy is the act of a would-be journalist or pundit who can’t be bothers to actually put in the effort to really understand. Just throw out some tropes or memes and call it a day. This cycle has illuminated the highly excessive amount of sophistry among the “media” and the rest of the intelligentsia.

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