There have been murmurs about NASA possibly going back to the moon (never mind that this glorious journey will likely come at the expense of climate change research budgets), and our chances of going to space thankfully aren’t limited to the twisted whims of the President or politicians on Capitol Hill.
Is Space Tourism Finally Within Our Reach?
Valerie Stimac

Yes they are. Guess who controls the airspace. Guess who the insurance carriers for the companies wanting to provide space travel have to genuflect to. Guess who regulates the transfer is space capable technology. Guess who is allowed, even encouraged by scientists, to write more regulation about the use and development of these technologies, not to mention the companies that would be providing the service.

Yes, the answer is of course those cretins on Capitol Hill, all of them. If you have a problem with that, which in my opinion you should, how about we stop electing power hungry cretins? People who want to control other people.

If you favor the government using its legal force monopoly against someone else for your feelings you lose the argument when you don’t like who then gets access to those powers and uses those same powers in ways you don’t like.

History shows us that “the wrong person” will inevitably get whatever powers we don’t want them to have once we have vested an office or body with them, or allowed them to take it. The only smart move is to tightly restrict the powers available to political entities.