Who TF Are You?!

So who am I and why do you want to read what I have to say? That’s a great question. One I ask myself from time to time. I’m a 30 something gal who feels like a grown-up when I order my groceries but remembers that I am not grown up when I put away the string cheese. My optimism can be disgusting or inspiring…your choice. I don’t have a skewed perception of the world, but I do believe I can do anything I really want to do. Anything except not be tired when I wake up in the morning… If you wanted to read about a perfect person, you wouldn’t be here.

I try to be a good friend by being supportive, making you laugh and offering forgiveness. Naturally, I want all of those things in return. If I don’t get them, I have no problem saying, “fuck you” with eternal silence ;). My words, both written and spoken, are honest and true to me. I hope you get it, but I can’t make you. My goal is to present a clear point of view. It is not my desire to present all points, because I don’t have to! I am one me and I only wish to explain things from my perspective. So, read and enjoy my words, then do what works for you.

Here are a few basics about me; I’ve lived and thrived in 5 major cities, I’ve owned a home, I have a career that elicits an impressive response around the bar and yet, I’ve drank a full bottle of wine and cried about a Tinder match on more than one occasion. Three degrees will lead you to assume I am well educated. That assumption is not incorrect, but my open mind and quest to learn new things are what empower me to refer to myself as scholarly. While I’m not necessarily “normal”, I know that I am not the only one who meets and deletes a guy in less than 48 hours or still runs out of toilet paper.

Claire Jolie