Why you should never use social media as a sounding board for your relationship issues

So no one really acts like this in real life. This is a weird image.

Even my most rational, successful friends aren’t immune to social media getting in-between their love lives and the outside world. When we share intimate details of our relationships with an audience, the repercussions are often under-evaluated. Here’s why blasting our social media feeds with our relationship issues is a big no-no.

1 — Your friends and family do not want to be “dragged into it”.

We want to help, but we don’t want to be part of your story—that’s for you and your partner alone. Of course we’re here to help, but approach us directly and in confidence, not as a collective on the other end of a Facebook status.

2 — It’s not fair to your partner.

How would you feel if one day, the person you thought you could trust the most, shared your intimate secrets to not only your friends and family, but also colleagues, acquaintances and some people you don’t even know?

How would you feel if those people talked about your publicized problems, but you couldn’t be there to put your point of view across to them?

3 — It’s childish.

People voice their relationship problems like this all the time. In high school classrooms.

An adult with strong morals and principles will not allow themselves to use social media as a way to get even with their other half. They should know that in doing so, they will cause more heartache and suffering.

It’s our tiny lizard-brain that takes over when we find ourselves feeding off of our destructive energies to keep drama rolling.

4—You’ll probably regret it.

How many times have we lingered in regret at the things we’ve said and done? Digital media can amplify your mistakes: they can resurface and open old wounds.

The bad news is that you can’t do much about it once it’s done. The good news is that you can prevent it from ever happening.

Next time you feel like going ballistic with your phone or keyboard, take a moment to fully comprehend the outcome of your action. Really think about the events that will unfold once you hit the post button.

If the pain of following through is greater than the pain of holding back, you’re going to be much less likely to do anything you’d regret.

5 — It doesn’t help you or anyone else.

Beyond retribution, there’s nothing to gain from shouting out your private life on social media. The real challenge for men and women in today’s seemingly superficial, impatient world is to rise up and meet our relationship issues head-on—not deflect and evade them.

Not every relationship is supposed to work out.

But its the ones that had real promise, that failed before they even started, that are the tragedies not just for the people involved, but for all the life they could have touched… and created.

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