9 Totally Feminist Demons, who will Give You Squad Goals

1) Lilith: From Jewish Mythology, Lilith means “screech owl.” Much like Alukah, she often appears much like a vampire. She’s also super into Riot Girl.

2) Kali: Technically the goddess of destruction in Hinduism, Kali’s name means the “black one.” She also works in public radio and regularly gives to planned parenthood.

3) Santa Muerte: A Christian Demon found in Mexican culture, she appears as a skeleton with a globe in one hand and scythe in the other. She has been reading a lot of Belle Hooks recently and wrote several blog posts during Gamer-gate.

4) Gello: A Christian demon, Gello causes miscarriages and infertility. Unsurprising, very pro-choice. Though she understands the nuances of movement.

5) Batibat: The literally manic pixie in your dreams, she may cause death in your sleep especially when you are in the Philippians. Her Zine is super intersectional and she’s super big into story slams right now.

6) Lamia: Half woman/ half serpent, all Cis, but is a great ally to gender fluid communities.

7) Yuki-Onna: Japanese Demon that lures men into deadly snow storms, she also is extremely body positive.

8) Empusa: She has one donkey leg, but doesn’t mean she can’t do everything a man can.

9) Lamashtu: Babylonian witch goddess, who still only takes 8 human souls, while her make counter parts get to drag 10 to hell.

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