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Photo courtesy of Michael Gaida

Twenty-two years ago this week my grandfather died. We were really close and his death (due to cancer. Fuck cancer) hit me really hard. I grieved a lot, learned how to grieve, and then grieved some more.

The thing I learned over the years is that grief is a weird thing — it hits you at strange times and is often triggered by unexpected things. I’ll be fine for weeks or months, and then I’ll see something that reminds me of him, or something that I would have loved to share with him, and I’m grieving once again. Notable dates can be particularly hard, be it a holiday, his birthday, deathday, wedding anniversary, etc. …


Brian Fitzpatrick

Founder & CTO: Tock, Inc. , Xoogler, Ex-Apple, Author, Co-founder of ORD Camp. Feminist. ✶✶✶✶ Chicagophile ✶✶✶✶ ‘No Formal Authority’ — HBR

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