The Informer’s 2017 NFL Picks: Week 13

Ladies and gentlemen here are 10 things The Informer thinks heading into Week 13 of the 2017 NFL Season (all my Week 13 NFL Picks are at the end of the column). 
 1. I think I can’t believe the New York owner would sign off on benching Eli Manning after everything Eli has brought to the Giants organization (aka 2 Super Bowls). I also think that benching Eli for Geno Smith in order to guarantee a top two pick in the 2017 NFL Draft is the absolute correct move for the Giants.
 2. I think that if Tom Brady finishes the 2017 NFL Season with 4,900 yards and 38 touchdowns while leading the New England Patriots to a 12–4, 13–3 or 14–2 record; he is going to win the 2017 NFL MVP. I know the darling media thing to say right now is that Carson Wentz is the front-runner, but I find it hard to believe NFL MVP voters would let the living GOAT have the second greatest statistical season of his career — at age 40 — and not reward him with the Most Valuable Player trophy. 
 3. I think I am extremely excited for Josh Gordon and the NFL fans that the man who once put up 1,646 yards in 14 NFL games is back in the NFL. I think I am also extremely excited to start said Josh Gordon in every single one of my fantasy football leagues this week. 
 4. I think if I had to guess right now my six AFC Playoff teams would be: New England, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Jacksonville, Tennessee and Kansas City. 
 5. I think if I had to guess right now my six NFC Playoff teams would be: Eagles, Vikings, Rams, Saints, Falcons & Seattle. 
 6. I think this is the Blimpies Best Meme of the Week:

7. I think this is my Randy Moss better be a unanimous first ballot Hall of Famer stat of the day: Randy Moss caught 43 touchdowns in his first three NFL Seasons (48 games). To put that in perspective; Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones — playing in his seventh NFL season — has 43 career touchdown catches. 
 8. I think my favorite non Randy Moss stat heading into Week 13 has to be this: 
 Tom Brady — 482 career TD passes in 246 starts.
 Drew Brees — 481 career TD Passes in 243 starts.
 9. I think despite having a 28–32 record in the contest, I am still going to share with the world my Week 13 NFL Super Pick selections: Atlanta (-3) Pats (-8.5) Panthers (+4) Oakland (-8.5) Steelers (-5) 
 10. I think despite having one of my worst NFL Picks records of my career (86–85–5 heading into Week 13), I am still going to share with the world all of my Week 13 NFL Picks:
 Redskins (-1.5 Loss) Ravens (-3) 49ers (+3) Falcons (-2.5) Patriots (-8) Dolphins (+1.5) Titans (-7) Colts (+9.5) Green Bay (-1.5) Jets (+3.5) Panthers (+5) Chargers (-13.5) Raiders (-8.5) Rams (-7) Eagles (-3.5) Steelers (-5 Lion King Lock of the Week)
The is a wrap for this week folks. I hope everyone has a great and profitable Week 13. And as always, please remember to gamble with absolutely zero regard for human life.

Originally published at on December 3, 2017.