How To Create An Irresistible Offer That Makes People Pull Out Their Credit Cards And Buy Your Stuff

Let’s suppose there are two stores… STORE A and STORE B
Both are selling the same product, say an iPhone X

Now let’s say the owner of A is selling the phone for $900 , the only option owner of B has , is to sell the phone at a lesser price (say $800) if he wants the customers of A to come and buy from his store instead… that’s all he can do right?

Now if other guy (say C) wants to open a store,he has to
sell this phone at a price even lower than B right?
Similarly, you are not the only one selling the product you are currently selling, there are multiple stores selling the same product as yours.

So what makes YOU different?

If you don’t have anything unique to offer to your customers, the only option you have is to fight the stupid price war with your competition, which in my opinion is the worst way of doing business

Lower The Price →Lower The Margins → Lesser The Money For You and Your Family

Dan Kennedy said,
“If you can’t be the lowest priced leader, there’s NO strategic advantage to being the second lowest priced leader…”

Now obviously, being the lowest priced leader is not our preferred choice right?

Well guess what,we can be the most expensive one.
But again…

Why would someone pay you 2X, 3X or maybe 10X for a product, they can get for half the price down the road?

It just doesn’t make sense right?
It actually does, if instead of selling products… you sell offers!
Selling offers gives you the freedom to charge whatever you want and give amazing value, while doing something totally different from any of your competitors.

Let me explain…
Let’s pickup a random object… umm… how about the iPhone we were talking about earlier ?
You can get iPhone X for $700 from the Apple store nearby…
Now like we discussed earlier, if am selling a “product”, I don’t really have any options.
BUT… what if we sell this in form of an offer?
Let me show you…
Whenever we create a product, we solve an existing problem…
BUT… we create a new problem(a better problem tho) associated with that product and those new problems help us to create an offer around that product for example;
Now what can we do to make this “product” into an irresistible offer?
What is that something we can add into this ,that is not available anywhere?
OK, let’s choose our market first…
Let’s say I want to sell this phone to entrepreneurs.
Some of the problems that entrepreneurs face are:
• Getting leads
• Scaling their business
• Mindset
• Team building
• Sales Copy

That’s pretty much it right?
Let’s create the offer now :)

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Here’s What You Get When You Buy This Phone Today:
• Tough Motherf***r Mindset Trainig for Entrepreneurs: $297
 Our highest converting Lead Gen Funnel $10,000
• John Carlton’s Copywritng Course $1997
• Scale Your Biz From 0–100 in 60 Days Training $2997
• Dream Team Building Course $997
Total Value: $16,288
You Pay: $3597 only

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Now all the above mentioned products are digital, hence the cost to deliver them is $0
And that’s how you sell a phone at 5X of it’s original price!!
Now people can buy the phone from anywhere, but they can’t buy the offer that comes with it here, only YOU can provide that offer!

Now even if you are charging 5X the price, people will still buy from you because you are providing more value per purchase than your competition.

Makes sense? :)

Chetan Virhia