Does copyright matter?

It is really controversial questions for everyone, but before I try to answer these questions I should ask myself for who? For authors or consumers? I know people are not separate from each other and they are completely connected and we must look at the every subject in Overall.

As you know copyright means having a legal right for copying, selling, changing, …. 
Each country has its own types of law for copyright, for example as far as I know United Kingdom has a stronger form of copyright. In my point of view, copyright becomes a crucial part when it comes to create a product, because when you put all of your effort in something you expect to protect your creativity for a long time by the government.

Copyright is our motivation to make a perfect product or idea or it can assure us to put our effort on the right way, actually against people idea become a millionaire overnight doesn’t happen usually by this law. But Copyright is insurance for writer, artist, programmer or so on. 
So we should review our idea about Copyright this law can show us a way to reap rewards that we deserve or Actually, our natural right.

Once your work physically expressed, you need something to protect it for a long time, this protection might be useless for a company who has lots of products, but for those who have just one product, this is a critical part. This time of protection depends on your work, for example for 
Literary works this protection will be 70 years after death of its writer. In case of software development programmers can also copyright their software under different licenses.

As it can be obvious copyright law has many supporters and opponents, some of them believe in copyright just for physical property and they explain: it’s not necessary to have copyright law for idea, software or files! 
In my view physical property is the same with intellectual property due to both of them need investment, effort and time so it’s not fair to steal people’s time or people’s effort.

One of the controversial topics in copyright law is defending the rights of foreign authors, and some country doesn’t prefer to commit it because they think support foreign authors is not their duty! 
Actually, they don’t look at the world as connected system. I hope those countries join to this useful law soon.

All in all, having commitment to copyright law is the only thing that matters. We should support copyright by following this commitment.

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