make me happy

i can’t find that happiness, i don’t know why i keep on searching, i feel lost and floating in the world full of mysterious things, i keep drowning from the thoughts that i don’t deserve a thing. i keep pushing myself to be something big, something worthy, something special but i tend to fall back from the same thing all ove again, i kept on being this kind of person who is unsure, unworthy, denial, sad, incomplete.

i am still lost, in the midst of the perfect places i have been, i can’t still see my self shinning, becoming great, becoming successful, i really want to get out, from these thoughts from these mania that is happening to me, wild thoughts are like a whirlwind, they keep on swirling into my minds, they keep on coming over and over again.

help me i can’t even tell this to anybody. i’m ashamed of what they might think. i’m scared.

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