JM’s Top 5 2018 Goals

  1. Become “Physically Healthy” / Lose 20 pounds & Exercise RegularlyBlocker(s): Lack of habit, structure and accountability. Spent much of 2017 recovering from a car accident that re-activated a chronic spinal injury from child-hood trauma. It’s time to find and stick to a new routine. — Action(s) to Accomplish Goal: Attend Pilates class 3x per week as recommended by PT and stretch 15min per day. Eat mindfully and reduce sugar intake by >75%. Track daily activity and publish progress monthly. 
    Why Important?: Health and longevity are critical not only to the achievement of my 2018 goals but to my overall life goals and core why. Also, my 3yo daughter loves to dance and I plan to answer “Yes!” every-time she says “Daddy it’s dancin’ time!”
  2. Read 100 Books
     — Blocker(s): Lack of habit, structure and accountability. I love to read in general but for much of my adult life have viewed it as a personal interest or hobby not as a pre-requisite to creating the life I desire. 
    Action(s) to Accomplish Goal: Prioritize/plan to read 60–120min daily with a focus on completing 2 books per week. Track daily activity and publish progress monthly. 
     — Why Important?: To help myself, my family and others in the ways in which I hope, I must consistently grow in wisdom and understanding.
  3. Build/Create a Master-Mind Group of Mentors, Coaches & Friends 
     — Blocker(s): Fear of imposition (on others) and/or rejection (by others). Lack of belief (in the past) in the criticality of this group on the path of growth and abundance. 
     — Action(s) to Accomplish Goal: Clarify my goals. Create list of individuals to connect with either to join this group or aide in it’s creation. Prioritize by areas or categories of wisdom (Spiritual, Financial, Entrepreneurship/Business, Relationships, etc.) 
     — Why Important?: I’m desperate and resolved to upgrade my behaviors and identity 10x in 2018 alone and see the creation of this group as a vital step toward that end.
  4. Write and Publish at least one Book 
     — Blocker(s): Too many ideas. Uncertainty where to begin. Lack of accountability and discipline for this specific task. 
     — Action(s) to Accomplish Goal: Through development of my “master-mind” and creation of a regular reading habit I will further clarify my core why and focus on a “first subject.” I will create a regular (minimum 5x per week) writing habit. 
     — Why Important?: One of my deepest desires is to connect with and see as many people connected with each-other through love, curiosity and stories. Reading books has brought me joy all throughout my life and I hope to be a vessel joy and compassion for others.
  5. Pay off ALL non-mortgage Debt for my Family (approx. $150k) 
     — Blocker(s): Not consistently tracking ALL spending with regular budget calibration. Accountability. Need to find min $80k in additional income in 2018. 
     — Action(s) to Accomplish Goal: Track spending consistently. Calibrate with budget (minimum bi-weekly). Create additional stream(s) of income (book, training/courses, other IP projects). 
     — Why Important?: Financial abundance is waiting on the other side of responsibility, trust-worthiness and generosity with what I’ve already been given. In addition to providing my family with the best imaginable future, achieving this goal will break a multi-generational pattern of financial struggle and reactiveness.
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