Why You Should Use Micro-Influencers as Brand Ambassadors For Your Brand

All the talk in the influencer marketing world is micro-influencers. It’s the new buzzword. However as a small brand on Shopify, BigCommerce or even Etsy does it make it sense to utilize micro-influencers? For the sake of discussion let’s describe micro-influencers as having less than 50k followers on Instagram. There are so many benefits to working with micro-influencers particularly for small businesses. By the way, I’m the founder of micro-influencer search platform called Brandslip that you should definitely check out.

  1. Micro-influencers don’t act like superstars! I can’t tell you how difficult it is sometimes working with “insta-celebrities”. They charge a lot to promote posts, do not seem to put in any extra effort or concern and sometimes communication can be really poor. Micro-influencers are on the come up. They are usually pretty excited to work with any brand and will go out of their way to ensure that a brand is happy about a collaboration.
  2. Affordable. Working with micro-influencers is WAY more affordable. Expect to pay anything from $30–$200 per post depending on the influencer. Furthermore, there’s a huge possibility that a micro-influencer shares the product with his or her fans if they love the product. You can build a relationship with that micro-influencer and have them continually sharing your products with their fans.
  3. Niche fans. With some of the bigger influencers, some of their followers are more of “followers” rather than actual “fans”. With small niche micro-influencers, a lot of their followers are dedicated to the content they create and are more engaged. It’s easier to target specific niches with micro-influencers.
  4. Easier to motivate with affiliate deals. Micro-influencers aren’t usually getting as many opportunities as the bigger influencers. So it’s easier to motivate them with affiliate deals to get commission off of each product that’s bought as a result of them marketing it.

If you want any advice on working with micro-influencers email me at kfrimp@brandslip.com. Also check out Brandslip.com!

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