The Closed Trash Bin

Do you remember that time when your hands were full of trash, and in the process of throwing away that trash you needed to …

  1. Stop (upon arriving at the base of the nearest trash bin)
  2. Put down your trash, maybe even on the ground, to free your hands
  3. Once freed, used your free hands to OPEN the trash bin.
  4. While HOLDING THE TRASH BIN OPEN, used the other hand to slowly, garbage piece by garbage piece, deposit your trash from wherever you placed it (probably on the ground) into the trash bin you ARE STILL HOLDING OPEN.
  5. Closed the trash bin and shuddered at the ordeal you had just gone through.

Do you remember that? Do you remember that?


POORLY designed trash bin, as pictured outside Bertrand Library.

A trash bin like this demands intimacy with all users who interact with it, not a good thing...

If you’re sitting here reading this thinking I’ve lost my mind, I PROMISE you that your subconscious prefers the trash bin that does not demand you to stop and open it.

The ideal trash bin is convenient, the ideal trash bin lets you keep your distance.

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