The Open Trash Bin

I want you to reflect upon your “throwing away trash” experience. Is it fun? Do you enjoy throwing away your trash? If you are like me, you probably want this experience to be as short-lived as possible. Even a few seconds can mean life or death in the context of throwing away trash. Ideally, you want to be able walk by a trash bin, and throw away your banana_peel/milk_carton/syllabus_of_the_class_you_just_dropped without once slowing down your pace.

GOOD trash bin. As pictured outside Vaughn Literature Building, West Entrance.

Admittedly, the opening is rather small. BUT this still makes for a good trash bin and here’s why… If you are a marksman like me, or even a mild basketball enthusiast, you can toss away your undesirables from afar, maybe even opting for a 3pt shot if you are seized by boldness (must be 10+ feet away from bin to count as 3pt shot).

In all seriousness however, the ideal trash bin doesn’t require you to walk all the way up to it. The ideal trash bin lets you throw trash away on the fly.

The ideal trash bin lets you keep your distance.

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