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“If nobody’s going to give me a job, I’m going to give myself a job- and I’ll prove everybody wrong.”

Like many college graduates during the late 90s, Edward Estipona couldn’t find a job so he decided to create his own business — a design business.

Fast forward to today. Estipona arrived in the Reynolds School of Journalism dressed in a pair of slacks and a button-up shirt. His loafers were shiny and his socks were white. There was a laptop bag slung over his shoulder which he would later remark was like his office.

No real walls define the Estipona Group, one of Reno’s premiere advertising agencies, there is no brick and mortar for him to keep his stuff, everything is digitally based. The Estipona Group currently employs 20 creatives and throughout its 20 years of operation, it has expanded and changed into a now virtual office.

From humble beginnings in Estipona’s garage as the Envision Design Group to a virtual office, the Estipona Group has evolved with the times. Recently, the Estipona Group took a leap of faith and switched over to a digital based office, a decision that would make the group stand out from all the rest. Estipona believes that advertising is ever changing based on the technology and dynamics that are happening in society. The Estipona Group has just simply been adapting to the times.

“I still see it as the same company, direction wise we have changed but it’s still the same company”

They started as a design group and have become an ad agency that completes “communications and what not,” executing everything from traditional print advertising to social media, and even event planning. So how did Edward Estipona get to the point in his life that he could create such a great business?


Edward Estipona had a normal childhood. He had friends, he competed in sports, and he went to school. The only difference was that he emigrated to the United States from the Philippines as a child and then moved to rural Nevada. From there, Estipona and his family eventually found their way to Reno.

Estipona was drawn to advertising because of a design class he took in High School where he had competed in design competitions. Over a period of a year, he competed in sixteen competitions and won fifteen of them. It couldn’t be a coincidence, there had to be something there.

After realizing that there was “something there,” Estipona decided to major in marketing and minor in Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno. After graduating, Estipona tried to find work. The only problem was that there was no work. The recession had significantly diminished the job market and, as a result, many entry level jobs were being given to individuals with prior experience in the industry. He then created Envision Design and hasn’t regretted it for a single day.

So who is Estipona’s number one inspiration? Nobody. He never had an actual physical mentor. Instead, he has studied and taken the best advice from business leaders like Steve Jobs and Sam Walton. I think this is something we should all do; find people we admire and create our own list of attributes we would like to create in our own life, business, or career. As Mr. Estipona would say,“the field of communication isn’t for the weak of heart.”

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