The Perfect Playlist

When I think of summer I think of long car rides with friends, laughter, beaches, concerts and of course the PERFECT soundtrack. I believe that someday when we die and go to heaven it’s going to consist of one long road. On this road, the car will be filled with every single one of our favorite people. As we drive down the road to our favorite places we’ll laugh and chat with friends. All the while listening to the perfect playlist. This is what that playlist would sound like currently.

So before I give you my perfect playlist, we need to talk about what makes the absolute perfect playlist.

First of all, like with anything, you need balance. You can’t have too much of one thing.

But here are some of the ingredients you will need:


No playlist is complete without a significant number of throwbacks. I’m talking the songs we scream-shouted throughout our middle school dance. The songs we swore would ALWAYS be our favorite. Add the songs your parents played in the car during your summer vacations, add songs that bring back the best memories.

Examples: Low — Flo Rida, Stuck Like Glue — Sugarland, Burnin Up — Jonas Brothers

2. Current Hits

This is obvious, add your favorite songs. The ones that have been on the radio for months and you can’t help but sing along to. The earworms, the ones you swore you would never love.

Examples: Me, Myself & I — G-Eazy, I Took A Pill In Ibiza — Mike Posner

3. Movie Soundtracks

Trust me, add your favorite movie soundtrack. Just for a minute you’ll be transported to every movie road trip you wish you could be apart of.

Examples: Paper Towns (SERIOUSLY, Smile — Mikky Ekko is everything), The Harry Potter Theme

4. Beyonce

No road trip would be complete without the sounds of the one and only queen, Beyonce. Examples: LEMONADE

5. Every Coachella Song Ever/ Indie Music

Summer means music festivals, flower crowns, and moments you will never forget. At the epicenter of music festivals is Coachella. A festival where the music is hipster, the food overpriced, and everybody is entitled. But, it’s not like we don’t all want to go, right?

Examples: Vampire Weekend, The Kooks, The Wombats, Phoenix

6. John Bellion

So you’re probably wondering why he’s on this list. But, trust me. Go look him up right now and you’ll fall in love.

Examples: All Time Low and Guillotine are incredible!

7. EDM

Blast Diplo, Calvin Harris, and every single club mix you can find. Turn your car into a dance floor and don’t give a damn.

Examples: Diplo (obviously)

8. Taylor Swift/ Ed Sheeran

No soundtrack would be complete without Taylor Swift. If you don’t have “shake it off ” in there somewhere I’m really disappointed in you. Ed Sheeran is a given

Examples: Blood Stream is the best song by Ed Sheeran, EVER.

9. Boy Bands

Backstreet Boys, One Direction, The Jonas Brothers. We all love to watch teen boys sing and dance in semi-circles. When I was a tween I lost my shit at a Jonas Brothers concert, totally not ashamed.

Examples: Year 3000 — Jonas Brothers, What Makes You Beautiful — One Direction

10. Girl Bands

If there’s anything better than a boy band, it’s a girl band. Add every single girl power song of your childhood.

Examples: Beep — Pussycat Dolls, Wannabe — Spice Girls

11. Musicals

If you don’t have some show tunes in the mix there has to be something wrong with you. I’m a little disappointed. I’ll be blasting Chicago and Wicked during my car ride.

Examples: HAMILTON, I don’t think I’ve ever loved a musical as much as I love this one

12. Your Favorite Song

Add that song you have always loved. The one you kissed your first boyfriend to, the one you danced to at prom, the one that makes you think of that one crush you had in high school.

Examples: My favorite song ever is Sweet Disposition — The Temper Trap

13. Balance

With every aux cord privilege comes responsibility. You can’t have a soundtrack with too many hits, musical songs or oldies. So go out and create your own heaven road trip mix. Here’s mine:

Like this:

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Originally published at on May 17, 2016.

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