Disney Struggling to Cast Role of Aladdin

Guy Ritchie has reportedly passed on over 2000 actors for the lead role

The interweb is blowing up with chatter about Disney’s inability to find a lead actor to play Aladdin for their upcoming live-action remake. Some are even mocking director Guy Ritchie, who can’t seem to find a Middle Eastern actor who can dance, sing, and act.

Poor Disney. They cast Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast and got blasted for picking the first big-name celebrity who auditioned. Now, they take their time and really dig for a new talent, and people mock them for taking to long.

Apparently, they’ve auditioned over two thousand actors of varying Indian and Middle Eastern descents for the role. Here’s the rub, Bollywood and the Middle East are full of capable actors who could probably perform the role well, but this isn’t a Bollywood production. Disney is determined to find an Americanized actor to play the lead role, because an accent won’t cut it.

As people demand more authentic films, critiquing every choice the studio and director make, situations like this will become more common. Personally, I think it’s a good thing that people are demanding more accurate portrayals in films, and that the studios are responding by putting more effort into the casting process. I’m not sure why we’re upset that Disney is putting in the effort.

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