Why (and How) we Left App Engine After it Almost Destroyed Us
Shai Almog

I found your article rather surprising. Other than IaaS being cheaper than PaaS I disagree on every other point.

While Google should provide a way to easily see your usage of something you’re billed for in near real time, PaaS often comes at a cost of lack of insight and capabilities to debug issues. This isn’t though a good enough reason to discard them as a solution. For small apps where you just need something to get off the ground they are extremely useful.

While Google and AWS are indeed more expensive the reliability and enormous range of features make them extremely useful.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ve made the right choice based off your argument to go with the smaller providers. But I disagree with you sweeping arguments about PaaS and big providers, they work really well for a lot of other companies. It’s all just a bunch of trade offs.

Also monolithic apps are a perfectly reasonable way to build things. Microservices are just another set of trade offs.

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