“Feminism shouldn’t make men comfortable”
Jess Brooks

I just finished watching ‘The Mask You Live In’, and the companion video ‘MissRepresentation’- put out by the Representation Project.


Both films touch on a few critical aspects of our truly awful binary gender norm forming practices. The films can be criticized for missing a lot- but one of the key ideas is that men and women share a lot of essential qualities- before our training is delivered. Seeing the children in the film is a tragic reminder of our collective innocence and good natures.

The cost of male privilege to men is huge- and it seems to me that much of our malfeasance actually starts as a misguided effort to protect ourselves from further loss of power, rather than wanton exploitation.

Gender training builds in a balance of power- with women’s raw and essential power explicitly denigrated but very much understood by men.

I am saying this to call for cooperative thinking between men and women- rather than point fingers at each other for misdeeds- which on both sides offers a rich trove of material, let’s see how can we maximize each other’s wholeness.

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