The Journey Begins……My Estroversary, May 5, 2017
Michelle Reynolds

I’ve been trying to satisfy the transgender prompting from within by classifying myself as a mirl. I have been easing my coming out by making changes that are not radical in the eyes of others first, and accepting for myself the idea that what I actually feel is the point, not trying to conform or adopt presentation memes.

I only have good results when I am at peace with and unconcerned by the elements of my presentation, as then I do not emit the feelings of hiding or concealing. These convey an impression of emptiness, artificiality, struggle, or suppressed conflict, and stultify and corrode relationships.

Being 100% genuine is a very powerful and appealing persona, and when I am perfectly comfortable with myself, wearing a dress doesn’t alarm anyone. It is something new, but it is interpreted as a positive, something that expands the range of what is comfortable.

I’ve also found I don’t have to explain- there is something about just being yourself, if it is resulting in being open, friendly, supportive, forgiving, compassionate, etc. in a non intrusive way, that makes the gender binary frosting, and anatomy itself, less important to me. It is very freeing.

As I read your story and Allison’s, I envisioned the simplest outcome- you go and teach as yourself, as the forthright and impactful person you are, and not as a presentation. People will respond to whatever you put first.

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