A Boy, Mistaken
Ethan Johnstone

My experience was being a boy wanting to enjoy and participate in girl culture and being shamed into a hollow conformity with boy expectations. I was good at it but became a split personality always trying somehow to unify. 60 years later the emotional need is just as vivid- and we are all fortunate that our society has basically allowed its gender enforcement to weaken enough that we can have this conversation!

I’m struck by how many commenters are focusing on the complexity and diversity of personality, and noting that recognizing and valuing each other in that context works so much better than trying to force a fit for our kids into a laughably artificial binary gender world, or even into specially made category boxes to try to classify the rebellion of the human spirit— transgender/queer, etc.

If we agree to amnesty for gender expression, sexual preference, sense of identity, and give up classifying, we will all benefit from the rad liberation of the power of being fully human!

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