Hullo Phil, thank you for the complement, and thank you for writing with such thought, as per…
Allison Washington

My purpose was manifold-

  • to point out the inherent lack of progressive utility in the common practice of using ‘male/female’ for both physical sex and gender
  • to complement you and highlight your educational emphasis on the ‘normal distribution’, and indirectly point to the value of understanding other types of attribute distribution and to suggest that a different approach will be more valuable to our collective purpose of inclusion-
  • 1. going from saying we trans people are part of the normal distribution, and therefore ‘ok’, to saying that all normal distributions are just snapshots of a moment, and elements in the tails of any distribution can become part of the central hump when they become valuable as an adaptation
  • 2. to ignore distributions since the main point is that we all have value
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