Thank you for clarifying, Phil. To your first bullet, what do you propose as an alternative?
Allison Washington

Perhaps this framework would be useful in characterizing gender and better articulating the concerns so many of us have with the twin tasks of constructing and maintaining identity through self-talk and outward expression:

Three are personal — ideas and facts about ourselves, and one is a cultural abstract — a cloud of ideas we encounter and which are embodied on laws and customs.

  1. Anatomical gender- ‘Male/Man, Female/Woman, and 1–2% Intersex, for whom special care is given with respect to assigned gender and psychological gender development.
  2. Psychological gender- our sense of identification with anatomical gender and/or assigned cultural gender expressions
  3. Cultural gender- the range of cultural rights, privileges, limitations, performative demands, etc. associated in every culture with anatomical gender and used to guide personal development and interpersonal

4. Gender expression- where we take 1 and 2 and try to operate within 3