(I need to underscore that gender identity is separate from sexual orientation.
Allison Washington

The ‘transgender’ label still suffers from partisanship in attempting to own it and parse it narrowly. If we can arrive at social agreement to just accept transgender people as they see themselves, we can end that divisive practice, and let the term ‘Transgender’ broadly cover all gender variations that don’t easily fit into the normative cis set.

All mixed gender identities can still usefully be parsed, while included in the transgender umbrella. I am completely certain I am a mirl- a male girl, and am happy to join with those of every shade and variation of gender under the transgender umbrella. By broadening it we make it more comfortable and more accurate. Transgender as a term implies every aspect of bridging the gender duality. Mixing, alternating, transitioning from one to another, intersex, etc.

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