24 Nov. News Digest- Uber rival Lyft raises another $500 million on top of $1B

Uber’s hard core rival Lyft is seeking an additional cherry on top funding of $500 million, over and above $1 billion it raised in a round led by Alphabet’s venture arm CapitalG last month.

Image: Lyft

Uber Technologies Inc said on Thursday that it discussed a massive data breach with potential investor SoftBank Group Corp ahead of going public with details of the incident on Tuesday.

Image: Tes

Elon Musk made a bet! He remembers, and he made sure that the company delivers what he promised. Musk made a bet to build the biggest Li-ion battery in the world in 100 days to help South Australia to deal with its energy problem and he did.

Talking about the market, Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) withdrew more money from global stock and bond markets in the third quarter of 2017, albeit at a slower pace with net outflows of $3.7 billion