UX idea for Uber
Mauricio Uehara

I really dig this solution — seems so simple / obvious.

The problem I’ve run into in the past, and perhaps Uber ran into it as well, is that ‘address prediction’ as a feature, is actually a tool provided by third parties, so you’re subject to the quality of their data and their API. Two such companies are Smart Streets and PCA Predict.

To my knowledge, most of these companies get their addresses via contracts with countries and/or their post offices. The addresses that they predict are pulled from a gigantic data base and while they’re robust they aren’t organized in such a way for designers to create solutions for every single use case.

Another common example to the problem you’ve outlined is living in an apartment. It would be great if when you started typing in your address you saw the buildings street address, and upon selecting it from the drop down were immediately moved to a dynamically created ‘Unit #’ field. (similar to what you’ve proposed) Unfortunately their information isn’t tagged in a way for designers/developers to have that kind of control on the front end.

This was the state of things when I last was working on a form-refresh project. If anyone knows if these third party tools have gotten smarter I’d love to get pointed in the right direction.

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