Awakening the American inside me.

A Pakistani perspective.

10 years in total- as an undergrad at Purdue in Indiana, then a grad student at USC in Los Angeles and then a temporary worker in Silicon Valley for the exact prescribed H1-B duration, was ample time for me to have developed a love and affection for Americans, especially those in the Midwest who held their Christian beliefs clearly and outrightly.

But watching this all happen now- 7 and a half years after having left- I have to say I am not disappointed or angry as that won’t matter being a foreigner. What I can say is that because I got to know a whole spectrum of Americans from the east coast to the Midwest to the west coast – drastic policy change must be accepted if the people voted for it.

What can’t be accepted however, is the increasingly undignified, embarrassing and callous way the current government. is undoing its own desire to make America great again. I’d never thought of an American government as a ‘regime’.

America’s enemies are actually our enemies too. Shit – they are all of humanity’s enemies. But the way this shit show is going, it depresses me to see a desire to return to greatness trip so badly, so quickly. That can only mean there is ineptitude somewhere central. For this reason, believe me when I say this- America’s truest friends abroad are not laughing or analyzing any more.

They are praying- for you.

I have far too, too many beautiful friendships and acquaintances I am blessed with, to see them being represented in such juvenile ways on international fronts.

I finally came to terms with speaking out like this- because the American in me told me logic and equality must always prevail over fear.

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