My remarks on the state of the 2016 presidential race
Mitt Romney

I am not reading all your #bs , but I do know this, that the only phoney is #MittRomney . For him to have the gull to accuse the millions of followers as stupid, lame, suckers is an insult on the intelligence of these Americans. While #MittRomney blasphemies #Trump, he himself is a blasphemer, following a cultist religion, one that worships the devil itself. This comes from much evidence, including the gr. grandmother of Brigham Young exposed through Morman Outreach. I was a producer for a TV network, and the network began to expose, on live TV that was broadcasted around the world and in Salt Lake these truths and none other did #Mitt’s followers make Bomb threats and death threats on the TV Network, the staff and the show hosts as the FBI was called in for protection. So America wake up, your devil worshipping ex governor #MittRomney is the one saying all these things, most likely paid off by several big GOP and Republicans, and Democrats. Check out the truth for yourself, don’t believe this worthless man’s story

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