Story Time: Forrest Visions

The Vision

I’ve never really explained the starting or idea that turned into Forrest Visions, so I will be breaking down many of the moving parts in the business today. Many people have been reaching out to me, asking to be a part of the team, and have received hundreds of resumes online from people looking for potential jobs. So, I want to clear some of the hiring process and the concrete idea around the company.

Early days

I’ve been in the blockchain industry for years and saw the growth of dysfunctional companies that tried to enter the crypto market through ICO’s etc unnaturally. So, in 2017 when the ICO frenzy occurred, I started independently working with some cryptocurrency companies to help them understand their customers and deliver value in a way that would benefit both sides of the transaction. In 2018 I decided to create a company around this concept but didn’t know what to call it. I knew I wanted to create a consulting company that would help companies increase brand equity, and not just scale or generate sales. But I didn’t know what to call it.

The more I thought about it; I noticed that companies and people wanted to work with me because of me. They weren’t hiring me because I had a wildly impressive track record; they wanted to hire me because they interviewed me and admired my passion for blockchain and wanted the relentless work ethic I exuberated.

I have started hundreds of businesses, some that I thought would pan out that didn’t, and some that I began for short term meaningless gains like selling gum in middle school. After going through all these projects, I didn’t see them as failures or struggles but saw them as excitement that maybe one day, I would have a business that popped off. So, I decided that I would start another company that combined all of my startup business skills, and grind out the real hours that it takes to start, curate, and nourish a growing business.

The name

It seems evident that “Forrest Visions” has something to do with my name, but the idea and meaning behind it is much more powerful to me and the companies I work with.

As I worked independently online, I would often talk to companies after we had ended a campaign or contract and try to get feedback on why I was hired so I could better promote myself. More often than not, these companies would say that I was hired because they saw my previous work and wanted my voice to be directly influenced in their project. They didn’t want huge corporations to pass the job down and treat the project like a sale.

This was when I thought of branding my company to my last name. It brings a family-oriented feel to it, as my last name is out in the open whenever I work. If I do a terrible job on a project, I’m putting everything on the line by using my last name.

My process for understanding brands is different from that of mainstream corporate consulting companies because I am willing to put everything on the line each time I work on a project. If I don’t think I should risk it all on a specific company, I don’t do it. This philosophy also plays a significant role in my hiring process and how I introduce people to my company. If you’re interested in learning about our hiring philosophy you can check out the official Forrest Visions blog here.

I thought a lot about the conversations I would have with previous employers and peers and formulated that they were interested in my vision. The Forrest Vision.

To truly understand Forrest Visions and the meaning behind the company and brand, you can’t read an article, listen to a podcast, watch an interview, talk to someone directly involved or speak to someone who knows a lot about it. The only way to truly understand it is to consume all the media and formulate your idea of what Forrest Visions means to you. You’ll never truly get the idea of what it means to me because you haven’t been able to experience it every second of its existence and path as I have.

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