Detox Process In Drug Rehabilitation Programs

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Mar 31, 2018 · 3 min read

For most people, the journey into addiction recovery almost always begins with drug rehabilitation programs. The Recover partners with the best dual diagnosis drug rehabs that offer clients medical detox as an important first step in the treatment process.

Important Fact: Not all drug rehab programs offer clients drug detox. In some traditional rehab centers, clients must first complete a medical detox in a hospital before being eligible to enroll for residential treatment services.

There are two types of drug detox.

  • Unassisted drug detoxification
  • Medically assisted drug detoxification

Unassisted Drug Detoxification

Unassisted detox can be very dangerous. In this type of detox program, medications are not provided to ease discomfort during the detoxification process.

Important Fact: More often than not, medications are required for people who are chemically dependent on alcohol or drugs.

Medically Assisted Drug Detoxification

The most successful method for getting through alcohol and drug detoxification is to utilize prescription medications that ease the withdrawal symptoms during this critical early addiction recovery stage. Providing medications during the initial stages of drug addiction treatment is the primary component of medically assisted drug detox facilities.

Safely Completing Drug Detox

The keys to effective drug detox are safety and comfort. The Recover partner rehab centers primarily focus on creating these two elements during each stage of the withdrawal process from alcohol and other drugs. To learn more about our detox programs call (888) 510–3898.

Dignity during Drug Detoxification

The physical environment and staff approach during the detoxification process are also highly critical aspects of completing drug detox and beginning the journey towards recovery.

Throughout the detox period, each client’s emotional responses are usually heightened because of the physical and psychological factors associated with the withdrawal process. Therefore, it is crucial that the best drug detox program creates a living atmosphere of safety and dignity so that patients can complete detoxification uninterrupted from unnecessary distractions.

Types of Drug Detoxification — Stages of Withdrawal

There are mainly three different stages of withdrawal during drug detoxification.

  • Acute
  • Sub Acute
  • Post Acute
  • Acute Withdrawal

The acute stage of withdrawal can be thought of as the most serious level of detox. During this time, which usually lasts 1–96 hours, the most medications are required to assist the body is eliminating its dependency on alcohol and other drugs.

Sub Acute Withdrawal

The sub acute stage of withdrawal can be thought of as the second most serious level of withdrawal. Not every person who undergoes drug detox will require acute withdrawal treatment. However, nearly every person who enrolls in drug detox will require sub acute withdrawal support. This stage also requires medications to ensure comfort during detoxification.

Post-Acute Withdrawal

The post-acute withdrawal stage can persist for several weeks or months. Most Los Angeles drug rehab centers do not provide medical assistance for post acute withdrawal syndrome.

Call to Speak with a Detox Specialist

If you would like to learn more about the most effective methods for drug detox in Los Angeles call (888) 510–3898 Now. A credentialed detoxification counselor will conduct a free assessment of your situation and help you to determine what type of drug detox program might be the best fit for you.

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