The Simprints Vero Scanner: A biometric scanner designed for use in the World’s toughest settings

By Matt Durbin, Designer at therefore

The Simprints Vero Scanner in use

In 2014 we began a journey to help a startup social enterprise design and build their very first ingenious product, developing it to the point of production and helping deliver it into the hands of those who would need it most.

Healthcare providers working in developing communities regularly confront challenges with patient identification due to lack of official documentation, common community names, unknown dates of birth and human error. …

From London to Shenzhen

Dear Gemini Backers,

The Gemini team spent last week in Shenzhen meeting with the chosen ODM and factory. We were joined on this trip by Martin Riddiford, Gemini’s designer, to start the detailed mechanical engineering handover from Martin and his team at therefore design.

Martin Riddiford of therefore design works with our ODM to finalise outer shell components

Great news! We are excited to announce that we have signed the manufacturing and development agreement with the ODM and factory. Much progress was made in a short amount of time. As well as the design intent handover, a detailed handover was also conducted on software matters. …

By therefore founder, Martin Riddiford

It’s been 25 years since I designed the first clamshell PDA, and 20 years since the Psion Series 5 — a hell of a long time in the world of technology! Over time, PDAs and other formats have been swept aside by the advances in mobile telephony and miniaturisation which has led to today’s amazing smarthones, it’s surprising then that so many people I meet still have such a fondness for the pocketable clamshell format. …

The CES Crowds

While at CES I was asked by some of our clients to share my ‘favourite finds’ from this years show.

To me, there were two overriding areas of product innovation that stood out beyond all others: Robotics and ‘Smart’ technology.

  1. A Rise in Robotics

The International Robotics Federation predict that the number of domestic household robots will rise to 31 million by 2019. While I am obviously biased towards favouring Emotech’s Olly (designed by therefore!), there was a marked increase in the number of domestic robots on show, proof of this rapidly growing sector.


Founded in 1993, therefore is a multi-award winning, London based product design consultancy.

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