The Gemini PDA: June Update

From London to Shenzhen

Dear Gemini Backers,

The Gemini team spent last week in Shenzhen meeting with the chosen ODM and factory. We were joined on this trip by Martin Riddiford, Gemini’s designer, to start the detailed mechanical engineering handover from Martin and his team at therefore design.

Martin Riddiford of therefore design works with our ODM to finalise outer shell components

Great news! We are excited to announce that we have signed the manufacturing and development agreement with the ODM and factory. Much progress was made in a short amount of time. As well as the design intent handover, a detailed handover was also conducted on software matters. Following our visit, we are confident that everything remains on track in accordance with our earlier timeline shared with backers, which is, of course, great news.

Dr Janko Mrsic-Flogel shakes hand with our ODM partner after finalising the manufacturing agreement

The collaboration will now commence between our industrial designers and our ODM partner to finalise the finer details and conclude the mechanical engineering effort. The whole team was very happy with the visit, especially that the project is on track and that there is a good mutual understanding of the Gemini design intent. During the trip we also met with the LCD screen supplier and the metal casing supplier.

Martin Riddiford introduces the latest improvements to the keyboard hardware, synonymous with the original PDA design of the 1990's

We are now back in Britain and are going through recent backer messages. There has been a lively discussion about how Gemini will function as a phone and whilst it was not the primary aim of the device, we plan to have the ability to perform calls using Gemini when it is in the closed position. Functions will include making a call with Gemini in the closed position (using the Voice Assist button); identifying incoming callers (via intelligent multi-colour LED array programming); listening to and speaking on phone calls (via external speaker holes in the Gemini casing and the external microphone); as well as all standard phone functionality with the device open. Please note that you will also be able to use a wired headset or a wireless Bluetooth headset to conduct calls.

Representatives from the design, manufacturing, concept, marketing and distribution taking in some well-deserved Shenzhen hospitality

With our manufacturer, we have been performing due diligence on the LTE bands required to work in as many countries simultaneously as possible (especially in Europe, Japan and the USA). We aim to provide as close to complete global coverage as possible and hope to be able to provide further detail within the next month!


The Gemini team