Just Do Not Take NO For An Answer.

Just Do Not Take NO For An Answer.

This one is quite simple really.

In whatever it is you are doing, or want to accomplish.

Just simply.

Do not take NO for a Fucking answer.

Doors will be slammed in your face, of course they will be.

People will try and talk you out of this and that.

Shit you are trying to do and get done, things that you are presently pursuing.

Do not listen to them,if you really want it.

They will absolutely laugh at your plans.

Why would they not?

For they are not yet so far developed mentally as you are.

Not your fault and best of all not your problem.

They are on a different plain,

A different frequency,

Thinking in a different way than you are.

It also dose not mean you are better or worse then them, nor they than you.

Its just that you are able to see that one thing you want already clearly in your mind, as it is in its finished form.

Being here and now in the physical already in your possession.

They have not yet developed their mind enough to be able to do such and so question and doubt loom for them.

It will not matter to you though, and once your plans are,and remain sound.

Once you believe in them and fight with every ounce of strength you have within you,

Believe with every cell and fiber of your being and work hard you will reap at harvest time.

If you have carefully and strategically planted and gone over and over those wonderful images of your vision,

In your secret place as Jesus calls it,

The Garden Of Your Mind.

Your Sub Conscious Mind.

Then you will absolutely succeed.

These are some examples of the messages you need to be feeding to your mind daily .

I am going to succeed,

I am able to do anything i put my mind to,

I am able to do it.

Then go to work in bringing about what you want in the correct way and always remember.

Never and i mean really mean Never


No for a Fucking answer.



Good Luck,

Alexander James.

Originally published at thereispeacewithin.com on December 3, 2017.