No Need To Fight Only Embrace.

No Need To Fight Only Embrace.

There is no need to hate people.

For What?

Just Love Them.

I am very serious when i say this.

It is crucial in order for you to start living the good life.

There are many people walking around right now that are holding a lot of hate and anger toward their fellows.

It is making them seriously depressed and sick.

They are not having the experiences that i believe The Great LOVE ( God ) wants us all to have.

Love everyone whatever you do.

Even if you do not want to see them ever again.

Just at least forgive them.

Pray from them and release them along with any hurt you are carrying.

It will be beneficial to your life and it will free you up to feel much happier.

You will be free to walk along in peace and you will have the joy that you have always been seeking.

Even if you did not know you were seeking it.

You have been searching.

As we all look for it at some stage in life.

Consciously or Unconsciously.

It is just the way we are.

Many look for it and when they do not find it in their day to day experiences.

They turn to substance abuse and other avenues in order to find peace.

The Peace that is so readily available to them within themselves.

So their turning to a chemical solution for freedom and peace,

Prolongs and actually postpones for the moment their finding it.

We are all born to live on the planes of freedom,joy,happiness and abundance at 100 pro cent capacity.

With abundant Health,Wealth and Ultimate Peace.

Although we may not always feel this way we can at any moment,

Start to feel the way we want through choosing our thoughts correctly.

As we all ultimately live on the plane of thought first.

Again it is just the way things work.

It is brought about by a precise Law called The Law Of Attraction or The Great Law.

First thoughts are seen in the mind and after being there for a while and becoming fused,

Mixed with intense feeling and emotion they start to move Into concrete form.

If you want to change anything in your life you must first change your thoughts.

The rest will follow.

So No Need To Fight Only Embrace.

Love One Another,


Be Free To Live A Life Worthwhile.

Start To Choose You Thoughts Very Carefully Indeed.


Alexander James

Originally published at on October 16, 2017.