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The next big industrial revolution will be powered by biology. With my background in molecular and cellular medicine and being the only life-science geek at Front Row Ventures (for now), one of my personal mission was to find those biotech startups hiding in Montreal universities.

One of the first hidden gem that I came across was eNuvio, a life-science tech company building cutting-edge lab-on-a-chip technologies for molecular electrophysiologists (Scientist studying electrical activity within a cell).

Why should you care?

Studying cellular electrophysiology matters a lot. The electrical activity happening in your body allows your eyes to see, your fingers to feel, your heart to…

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the landscape of many industries. Industries like manufacturing, farming, and services are starting to see the effects of cutting-edge companies using AI. The pharmaceutical industry is next and is ripe for reinvention.

Several companies have started to use AI to reshape the pharmaceutical R&D workflow, and InVivo AI is one of them.

The xVivo AI scholarship

Students are often underestimated, yet at the same time they’re some of the most innovative, motivated, and impactful people around. At InVivo AI, we believe that school is an entrepreneurial sweet-spot, one in which students can experiment, tinker, and explore before going all-in…

Therence Bois

PhD candidate in molecular and cellular medicine, Partner at Front Row Ventures

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