Verizon, The New Home for Yahoo

Verizon is buying Yahoo, which is worth more than $100 billion at their highest peak. Although Verizon is planning to buy it at 4.8

To go down memory lane, in 1995 Yahoo started as a portal to the web and in 1996 they went public. By 1997, Yahoo were the popular source of internet behind AOL.

In today’s world, Yahoo has always been known as the most visited site versus Google is two-thirds when it comes to search. Yahoo has had six CEO’s within four years. Marissa Mayer, came in 2012 to make things look more interesting to viewers, by updating Yahoo’s look with social sites.

In 2012 a lost was taken. By 2015 32% in retail were trying to sell retail, in Alibaba, but it failed.

Last year, a $4.4 billion loss was taken. Yahoo plans to close June 2017. AOL and Yahoo will launch a new company named Oath, under Verizon. With the combination of these two, it will feature billion-dollar customers and more than 20 brands.

A Yahoo spokesperson believes the new transition will have the executive team working really hard.

**My thoughts about this matter is that it could be a good idea for Yahoo to let someone lead for them with many CEO’s under 5 years.***

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