If women acted like men in the bedroom

There is this woman I’m dating tonight. She spoke to me while I was ordering my regular coffee from Starbucks a week ago. Not very charming, but pretty and she has a good body. Probably a good job, too, since we were at a Starbucks at Wall Street — the woman dressed up in business clothes. She gave me her number but didn’t really reply the first couple of days until he sent a short “Dinner?”. It was obvious what she wanted.

After hours of getting ready, shaving my face, cleaning up everything (since I don’t want to make a wrong first impression), putting some wax in my hair, I’m ready for the date. I got there 10 minutes early because I’ve heard that many people do that on first dates. I waited around 30 minutes until she arrived with a cab dressed up in business clothes. “I was not able to get home before” was her answer to that — which means she wasn’t even able to shower… okay she has a busy life, I can accept that.

Our conversation was pretty superficial. She was speaking very quiet the whole evening, so I had to lean over the table all the time to understand her. This and the fact that she was flirting with the bartender gave me the feeling that she must be very popular. In that moment, she got me. I couldn’t believe that she is going out with me. Am I one of the popular people too?

Even though the date was nothing special, I really wanted her. She asked me if I wanted to drink something else and I just replied “sure”, not fully aware of driving to her apartment instead of another bar. Her apartment was something special but not very clean and clearly not made up for any visitors. I made a joke about walking through cloth-hills, while she was ignoring me and lighting up a cigarette out of the window. Well — okay it feels like she doesn’t care about me. I will show her who I am so she WILL care about me.

So I’m taking off my clothes and doing a little dance show in front of her. The woman stared at me, she seemed to enjoy it and let me dance without a word for 5 minutes. I just heard a short surprised “baby” in the beginning. So I’m dancing. and dancing. and dancing. Eventually, she came to me, grabbed my body and pushed me to her bed. Me, still in underwear, she getting undressed. I couldn’t even look and she took off everything and stood naked in front of me. She was not very well shaved, nor had nice underwear on — but that’s ok. Suddenly, she grabs my arms and comes closer. Her vagina is over my face, she expects me to go down on her. I usually enjoy that, so I lick everything out of her until she is so wet that she just wants to fuck me. While I was giving head, she barely touched me. If she touched me, she did it for a quick 5 seconds because she was a little lazy at that night. When she was wet enough, she pulled out a condom and put it on me. She sat on my penis and was riding me. I think she enjoyed it because she only took 2 minutes and came. “Yes, now it’s my turn, touch me baby!”, I thought. But she didn’t. She fell asleep and said she really had a hard day and she was very exhausted.

Next time we dated, I wasn’t very hard in the beginning and I got everthing together and told her I want her to go down on me. She gave me a weird face, replied with a simple “now??” and after I confirmed her three times, she did it. Unfortunately not very long, so my horniness-level remained the same. She said she still wants to fuck me.

While she was sleeping, I went home and took care of myself later. It wasn’t that bad, was it? She was just tired and she gave me a good impression while we were at the restaurant. She called one week after and we met again. Same story for 2 months now. I’ve never had an orgasm with her.

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