I was having breakfast at the Omega coffee shop in Milpitas. When I walked out I saw the newspaper stands. I looked at the Mercury News of San Jose to try to find a down to earth local news story that I might discuss.

In reading Barrett Brown I noticed that he often used a local news story of Dallas to chat with his audience. Maybe a local news story is truer as the people in an area can all verify the story. So Barrett Brown is usually talking about true stories rather than fake news. He would be in the fine tradition of truth tellers. Rather than fake Breitbart news.

They then were telling me that I should take my local Mercury news story and base my blog today on it. The answer back was that David Koch is these days “too Eclectic” for local stories. Now that he’s been under an eclectic influence for a few years, he’s easier to communicate with. Instead of Lonely at the top, they might think of Too High to Talk.

I began to try to write an actual story using a Breitbart News style. I didn’t get very far. I heard the writing group all talking with me when I began to write. I was thinking back, or someone asked me if this was my usual way to write. They said grandly for me that I always write in a group like this so while a strong individual, I don’t write alone as one person.

A surprise visitor to the area a month or so ago was Vladimir Putin. Late at night walking through her local Safeway grocery store, she was aware that the place looked as if it had been taken over. Putin was present although she didn’t see him directly in front of her. How could Putin have visited Milpitas with no one knowing? The Koch brothers arranged it was just said within.

This morning I am tweeting to Eric Prince because he seems to be a very intelligent translator and eclectic. I am fearful that he has grown too isolated over the years and that he needs to communicate more and more with his closer soul mate friends.

Yesterday with Prince I was again going over the fact that the highest among us do not bother with psych-ops game playing; I personally keep to an ordinary reality state and have found over the years that constantly expressing to build trust is best. A good example of this would be Wikileaks.

All bite or lying with fake news or No bite — being honest, truthful and building trust is the choice that many writers are making these days.

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