I was reading something today about the concept of the “Lone Wolf” in terrorism. I have heard about this idea for years and never once did it make any realistic sense. I have even read a definition of it years ago and I still don’t understand or remember what it said. What they may have been saying was that it is a person who spends time alone in a social sense. This was my American thinking before I realized with Putin Merkel insight there is no possible lone wolf concept.

With that said any person will be connected to their community in some way. The obvious question is in what way are they connected. Who do they connect to socially, who are their spirit guides?

The KGB analysts would always find the connections that the person has. These analysts are probably conceptually oblivious to the “Lone Wolf” concept. In fact their analysis is so community connected fundamentally that for a KGB agent there is no way that anyone can be a Lone Wolf. I would have to say that it is a bourgeois and individual concept which only could come from less developed thinkers in a kind of superficial American or British cultural situation. I am discussing it here as I haven’t seen anywhere a discussion of it.

What is even stranger is that for three years I have been told directly within that I am a Lone Wolf. I am being programmed to be a Lone Wolf by some government. Fortunately, Vladimir Putin has already expressed his love of wild animals such as wolves; now that I think of it this gives me a sense of hope.

In wondering why it made no sense when I am programmed into the concept, I realized it is a simple matter that I am a “Global” Lone Wolf.

A global thinker is not a lone wolf. I am every day writing blogs and comments in public as part of social media. I have strong emotional connections to my family and our pet dog, the Boston Terrier Minh Tran. I am utterly non violent and enjoy all emotional warmth and friendships that I am capable of. Temporarily with less companionship, I am still planning to have as many friendships as possible later if not now.

I emanate in Tibetan Buddhism and Hindu yoga with hundreds of thousands of people since 1985 continuously. Even if I am thousands of people, I feel loved. I might feel at times that symptoms of illnesses that I have actually are reflections of social problems around the world, even in other countries.

The cough I’ve had for a year is clearly due to the discussion in the news of the chemical weapon used in Syria. I do have some awareness of Syrian human rights problems but didn’t dwell on it as a country. How did I get a cough from poison gas that has lasted this long and seems to be permanent?

In my last Medium comment, All Bite and No Bite Bandel Breitbart, I seem to be in contact with many writers and other cultural personalities. Even in a cultural and political way I feel I am connected somehow.

For example I noticed this. I have a Facebook page under my grandmothers name Marile Bandel. I noticed at some point this past few weeks that for people to get to it, that the name is possible to directly google. I realized that while no word was spoken, having my own google search for my writings might be significant.

I am remembering that in June of 2016 that due to the government conspiracy to Black Site me with the CIA, I was told by my brother to leave the house and I decided to live in my vehicle. At that time I set up a way to always stay with people in a Senior Center during the day, the Library on weekends, cafes in the morning for coffee and a breakfast. It was I’m sure Pablo Iglesias who told me to always “Stay with people”, do not get isolated. As a global lone wolf personally guided by such a brillant socialist politician, I don’t even feel lonely. Not only am I always with people, I am constantly writing and conversing on iPhone social media. The other day I set up his book “Politics in a Time of Crisis” and am enjoying it and I think it means that I am heart connected with Spanish socialism. I was trying to understand a Spanish global lone wolf and found it was even more remote. As a politician who is multi-talented he seems to say that he is happy to get back to the European Parliment and larger issues of Europe including writing more books when he is no longer a Spanish political leader. As a Spanish global lone wolf he is too socially connected to ever be an actual lone wolf.

I even feel thinking of Pablo Picasso that he was at least emotionally close to cafes in Paris and therefore was close to France. His consciousness was wildly spacious and he therefore was never close to being alone in the superficial sense of the lone wolf concept.

Similarly, French terrorists might be really close not just to Theresa but to France in some way, even though they seem to say that they are close to their own Arab culture. French sociologists came up with the fact that when watching sports games terrorists were truly French and wanted their team to win. So globally French included cheering for the team as French moments. In sociology the person is always close to their culture and the concept of jihad doesn’t stop that cultural closeness. The person framed by a western view into being seen as a lone wolf unconnected to France still has times of being French and is fully connected both to Arab and French culture. Pablo Picasso was always connected to his Paris cafe social life.

The knowledge I am working on is meant to help many people. It isn’t just me that has these emanation issues. I communicate too much, not too little and I am never alone.

Is EveryWoman a Lone Wolf?

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