Confused? It might be because of who is directing the “drama of free speech” in the US.

In the last 5–10 years there is appearing more and more what many of us writers and activists have called the “chill of free speech”; how safe is it to speak without severe retaliation by those who think themselves in control of our thinking and lives.

By the accident of trying to keep up with the news and reading more news articles due to social media the last few years, I became aware that even reading the news wasn’t that safe. There was a subtle and difficult effect that began to punish me for it, particularly if the news was about someone engaged in free speech politically.

While all mind controlling governments do everything they can to stop people from finding out the news on any given day, I am aware now that there are particular governments who must maintain silence around the world and they do stop, punish, imprison, remove careers, housing and financial support from even someone like myself who has only been reading the news. Then 2 years ago I began blogging on sensitive political issues and it’s been even worse. Can one small country hold the entire planet silent and punished for speaking at all?

The uproar over the recent US election is a good way to take a look at how this 30–40 year trend is going. The elegant direction of the drama involving so many actors has come from somewhere. “Where” everyone is at some level wondering? Years of work put into designing a wide variety of actors in the political, economic and the arts/drama area has culminated in the mean battles politically and the public rising in political protest over it.

I have faith in a few things in American democracy. One is the system of “checks and balances” that is the founding fathers way of stopping any dictator running the country. This was done by setting up the Executive branch, the Legislative, and the Judicial branch. It is what reassures me when I look at the unbearable suffering of the Holocaust in World War II under the clown who became the world’s most powerful dictator.

The other is a love of the US Constition and it’s brilliant Amendments. Such as the Right to Free Speech in the First Amendment.

As a person trying to read the news and write on controversial stories, I noticed that there was not only a lessening of free speech, but a real historic era that was passing by and maybe gone. Then there was the law itself. I’ve come across the law of a controlling country and realize that we are no longer under the US American law and it’s Constitution but under a “silencing” law of a foreign government that as a theocracy forbids human rights and free speech.

In this situation, retaliation brought against all those called “Whistleblowers” for their courageous work to inform the public flew in the face of maintaining the silence of all theocracies as well as the one best placed to control what was once American law. Threats of murdering them, legal prosecutions, framing them, extremely severe sentences and solitary confinement style punishments — all illegal under the US Constitution and run by minds obsessed with world domination as War Criminals. We are no longer living with our own secular democratic legal system with a separation of church and state.

Fascinatingly, another writer has determined that if the Executive branch begins to overwhelm as a total dictator, there was a historical necessity at this time to have the work of Whistleblowers communicating particularly with the global reach of modern computer communication in order to restore another “check and balance” to the American democracy where it would actually work as a major challenge to abuse of power. Are they the 4th Check and Balance in the US today?

For many younger militants who are tired of waiting around for the red tape of a legal system, it’s easy to dump the judicial branch off. Again, Whistleblowers are essential as sources for the free speech of journalists, human rights activists, bloggers, filmmakers, musicians and poets/creative writers who can maybe get an answer to a problem worked out much faster.

The atmosphere of horrific hate crime begun by terrorism and continued in a whole new way by militant groups at an equal pace with old white supremacists, that has grown steadily since 9/11, has now overwhelmed what was in one era a clearer definition of Free Speech. There is a cruelty and hatefulness on both sides that is pushing this legal concept to the sidelines. Tossing it away or using the words “Free Speech” to make a coordinated attack appear legal are now common occurrences.

We can thank everyone who is vitally concerned with democracy and the essential transparency it must have for being still able to discuss these very painful, violent and hate-filled subjects.