Politics is too ugly, nasty, negative. Does it need to be that way?

A small portion of the crowd at the Sister Giant Summit, Feb 2–4, 2017 in Washington DC

There has never been a more critical time to be politically involved.

The Sister Giant Summit 2017 in DC Feb 2–4, 2017 explored the intersection between politics and spirituality. With 3000 men & women on site and another 3000 joining via livestream, we were treated to an incredible array of speakers from political and spiritual circles.

Bernie Sanders speaking at the Sister Giant Summit in DC on February 2, 2017 Photo by Theresa Gasper

Bernie Sanders kicked off the event by focusing on the fact that Trump supporters are the minority, and that now is not the time to despair. Now is the time to be smart. To bring people together in love, compassion, and to take on the hatred & bigotry in the White House today. He went to say that Trump needs us to hate each other.

Early on, Marianne Williamson made a very important point. She essentially said too many people, especially in the metaphysical/spiritual/consciousness circles, don’t get involved or pay attention to politics because it’s ‘too ugly, nasty or negative.’ Maybe, she said, “that’s because we haven’t brought our Love and Light to the arena.”

“Hatred has been politicized. It has gained an ascendance — the energy of those who hate has been more visible than those who love.” Marianne Williamson
Marianne Williamson at the Sister Giant Summit in DC Feb. 2, 2017 Photo by Theresa Gasper

Many think love is weak — that it’s all rainbows and unicorns. If you believe that, stop and think about what happens when you come between a Mama Bear and her cubs! What’s more, who ever describes the Mama Bear as being a bitch or having anger management issues?

Women protect their children, will risk their lives to save a child’s life — theirs or another’s.

Ladies, at this point, everyone is our child and we need to protect them. We need to bring our Love and Light to the party. And we need to support each other. Those that support alternative energy also need to support those from coal country whose jobs are not coming back; those who support Planned Parenthood also need to support the environment, those that went to the Women’s March need to attend the Science March, etc. We are stronger together and that is what the Patriarchy fears more than anything.

Just remember that sometimes the most powerful way to show love is to say “NO!” Our country, this new administration, needs nothing more than for us to stand up and shout collectively “NO! Enough! You’re out of control, your decisions are hurting others and we are not going to allow that to happen.”

Image source: WallFocus.com

“Power concedes nothing without demand.” Frederick Douglass