Link Building Is Not a Casual Marketing Method

Theresa Montoya
Nov 28, 2016 · 3 min read

The principles for a link building campaign are same as that of any effective marketing strategy. We are not talking about channels of methods of both strategies, because they are understandably different. We are talking about the philosophy involved in both of the strategies.

The very first and major point that says much about this resemblance is that the link building is not something like silver bullet that you fire and see the magic happening. It is basically a genuine promotion which involves manual work just like any other marketing method. But yes, it has an edge over conventional type of marketing because the website you launch can be viewed all over the world as soon as it comes online. Nevertheless, the remaining task of promoting that website requires the same kind of manual effort as that required for other marketing methodologies.

Following are some points that describe link building philosophy. Looking at these points, you will definitely be amazed to find that basics of link building are the same as that of other ways of marketing.

· To have good quality links, you need to develop your audience first. In case of link building, audience development mainly involves finding and working on the online platforms that your audience interacts with.

· Analysis of market position and linking trends is the major requirement of niche research when you are intending to use link building as the major marketing method.

· Competitive analysis involves evaluation of the backlinks that your competitor has. This analysis helps you in pinpointing your position in the competition.

· Looking for the events and opportunities and using specified links are the major aspects of targeted promotion using link building methods.

· Consistent effort is required to make sure that you are getting uninterrupted traffic on the website.

With that said, it is worth mentioning another technical difference between conventional marketing and link building. Conventional marketing tends to convert a lead into customer at every stage, while link building is done for the purpose of having more links to and from high authority websites. The conversion part is left for the rest of Indianapolis SEO processes.

It also explains the importance of building a responsive audience for the purpose of acquisition of high quality links. Hence, you will have to have a better idea about the audience you are going to target before you even develop the content, structure and links of your website. And for that, you will need to find the platforms that will give you complete information about the audience (as mentioned in the first point). The platforms would essentially be the websites that may include blogs, forums, directories, online magazines and social networks.

In other words, some may argue that link building is just a part of SEO but no one has ever discussed how major part of the process it is. Hence, the link building alone deserves to be compared with the other conventional methods of marketing in every aspect.