Antifa’s Cult of Hypocrisy

Published to public media, August 21, 2021, 9:01 AM, updated August 22, 2021, 4:03 PM.

How angry would you feel if you were a young Black woman who had been invited to a peaceful prayer event on Waterfront Park, in Portland, Oregon and then only minutes after the event began, you and your young children were repeatedly and violently assaulted and terrified by a large group of jeering white people, laughing at you, mocking you and yelling: “HAIL SATAN! Where is your God NOW?”

How would you feel if you learned these white people call themselves “social justice warriors” who think you, as a black person do NOT understand the realities of racism and that you need THEM to speak out about what racial injustice means for you? How would that make you feel? Angry? Well, that is exactly how Jamee Lynn, Portland resident and a wife and mother, felt when those very things happened to her and her small children at Waterfront Park, August 7, 2021 on a beautiful sunny day in the City of Roses.

How angry would you feel if these white people, mostly MEN, then proceeded to throw rocks at you? Rotten eggs? HUMAN FECAL MATTER? How angry would you feel if these morally vacant, low-intelligence hypocrites, (who were all caught on film doing this) then proceeded to “soak” your young Black son with Bear Mace, terrifying him? How would you feel if these violent Militants threw Flash Bang explosives into your gathering, all while screaming against “fascism” and simultaneously demonstrating exactly what fascism actually is?

By virtue of their very own behavior.

How would you feel? If you don’t know how to answer that question, then perhaps you should think about how a supposed good cause like ANTIFA can transform into something ugly, vicious and hypocritical. Perhaps Portland’s elected leaders and politicians should also think about what happened August 7, 2021, at the Waterfront. Perhaps Ted Wheeler and Mingus Maps, Dan Ryan and others should think about the reality of the growing Militant Radicalism that is called ANTIFA and the present danger these unbalanced people present to Portlanders everywhere.

You’ve probably heard of ANTIFA before, from their violent clashes with two other radical groups, Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys. But why would anyone go after peace loving Christians at a prayer gathering? And would ANTIFA Militants have done the same thing if the gathering had been for Muslims getting together for a prayer service?

These are questions we all need to ask ourselves and think about.

More and more Portlanders are seeing the harsh reality of how and to what extent, the supposed “Social Justice Warriors” who call themselves ANTIFA, as in “Anti-fascist” are actually 99 percent WHITE MALES who are indeed blatantly racist. These militant radicals have demonstrated they are not interested in promoting social justice for people of color, but rather in serving only their pathological selfish needs which the radicalism of the Cult of ANTIFA seems to temporarily fulfill.

Those needs include a lust for violence as a life affirming action, it becomes a Trauma Bonding experience which makes ANTIFA Militants feel needed, appreciated, valued and important. When their lives are for the most part directionless, unfulfilled, low-income examples of mediocrity and failure in one form or another, this Cult of Violence gives their lives meaning. Lives where education, employment and independent living are generally not pursued, but rather complacent dependence on others for basic needs such as shelter, food and clothing, donated by others, (oftentimes their parents and grandparents) rather than earned through work or self-sufficiency.

The polemic manner that ANTIFA Radicals rationalize and justify their violent behavior is noteworthy and typical of how CULT leaders from other known cults socially condition, isolate and indoctrinate their followers. This process helps brainwash new recruits into obedience and subservience. One of the truest realities is that ANTIFA Militants are just as violent and indeed more violent than other radical groups like Patriot Prayer or Proud Boys. And it is only ANTIFA who push the idea of “killing” a “Proud Boy.”

ANTIFA Militants often display home-made signage that says “NO HATE” and “NO HATE ALLOWED” often with little kitty and puppy cartoons drawn on the bottom, but their behavior illustrates exactly how hateful they are. This is just another mechanism ANTIFA Militants use to try to control the narrative and gaslight others into believing their routine lies and blatant exaggerations.

But how can ANTIFA Militants, in good conscience, hold up signs that read NO HATE, and then later assault and injure women, children and infants? That form of denial is irrational and illogical.

There seems to be an intellectual disconnect with regard to the way ANTIFA people try to engage in rational thought. Many of the brainwashed ANTIFA Radicals completely fail to see the level of HATE they have in fact achieved and promote. They fail to see how inflexible they are and how they cannot open their minds to anything other than their own narrow radical thinking. Nor do they comprehend how they project, the way a child would, all their character defects onto anyone who does not bend to their radical ideology of dominance.

Portland resident Jamee Lynn Anatello was able to use Facebook Live Stream to show exactly what happened to her, August 7, 2021, at the hands of white militant radicals who tried to silence her right as an American to gather with her friends and engage in peaceful Christian fellowship. The white men and some white women who gathered, jeering and mocking Jamee Lynn and her friends, failed to notice that Jamee Lynn is a woman of color. However, even if they did notice that, it did not matter to them, because in that moment, she was the enemy and that was all that mattered.

August 7, 2021, violent ANTIFA Militants were determined in those chaotic moments to make Jamee Lynn and all the others gathered, feel as much fear and terror as they possibly could. And they enjoyed doing so. They “got off on it” because that is the only way Antifa Militants seem to feel happy, fulfilled and excited.

By invoking terror in the hearts and minds of other people, by forcing other people to cower in fear — the way a Fascist would.

ANTIFA Radicals seem to garner real happiness and pleasure from terrorizing other people. They engage in the Tribal Mentality and Toxic Masculinity that makes the process of Othering people different from them possible and indeed effortless. And the manner that they project onto others, accusing them of doing exactly what they are doing, by abusing and assaulting innocent people is also fascinating in it’s blatant, transparent hypocrisy and projection.

ANTIFA Radicals are blind to the darkness within themselves.

A woman friend of Jamee Lynn was able to deflect the direction of a rock that a white male ANTIFA Radical had aimed directly at her infant daughter. This heroic woman placed herself in harms way in order to protect a small baby that a white male ANTIFA Radical was trying to kill. She did this by putting her arm in front of the baby’s face, thereby saving the baby’s life. The truest reality is that IF this woman had NOT done what she did, Jamee Lynn’s infant daughter would have been killed.

The force and trajectory of the rock was still able to do a great deal of damage to the woman’s arm. Now, imagine how much damage the rock would have inflicted, given the trajectory and force with which it was thrown, had this racist white man been successful in hitting the infant he was aiming for?

Would the Portland community have been arranging another funeral?

The woman who was hit by the rock, (thrown by the white male Antifa Militant) wishes to remain anonymous because she fears the low-intelligence, frenzied HATRED that this new breed of Antifa Militants seems intent on expressing. The woman does not want to be targeted by anyone from this new Cult of Hatred, a Cult which pretends to be Anti-fascist, when it fact, it is not.

This anonymous woman who saved Jamee Lynn’s baby daughter was seriously injured herself with a heavy contusion. The large rock (that the white male Antifa Militant aimed at Jamee’s baby) left a deep purple, green and yellow contusion on the woman’s forearm that took several days to heal. This woman’s arm was painful and swollen for several days after being attacked and the injury interfered with her ability to resume her life completely.

This was her first experience with ANTIFA radicals. Not a positive introduction wouldn’t you say?

Imagine if you can, that you were that infants MOTHER. How would you feel? Imagine how you would feel knowing that your friend was viciously attacked by a white male “social justice warrior” who clearly does not understand the first thing about what social justice is, or how to be a true ally?

Jamee Lynn is a lovely, straightforward, intelligent, well-spoken, loving, responsible and present mother. She is also a writer with a quick mentality and a sharp understanding between right and wrong behavior. She readily understands what the realities are being a Black woman in a town like Portland, where even the white “social Justice warriors” treat you in racist, reprehensible ways, try to silence you and think they know better than you about your own lived Black experience, lived Black experience that they as white people will never fully comprehend or own.

Jamee Lynn has a dedicated husband, father to her children, who works to support his wife and the eight children they have between them. They are a peace loving, Christian family who worship when and how they wish, as any American has the right to do under the US Constitution. They should never have been discriminated against simply because they wished to have fellowship with their Christian friends and family.

They are also a family of color, so they fully understand the difficulties and challenges of dealing with white Portland racists and white Portland hypocrites who pretend to be allies, as ANTIFA Radicals routinely do. Sadly, Jamee Lynn, her children, and her husband know better than any white male Antifa Militant what real racism is, as they deal with the reality of racism every day.

Jamee Lynn’s young son, the one who was “soaked” with Bear Mace will carry that traumatic memory with him for the rest of his life. And it is significant to note that it was NOT a white male police officer or officers who terrorized this young boy, it was white male Antifa Militants. These uneducated radicals presumed they had the right to speak for people of color, while also attacking them and terrorizing their Black children, rather than listening or asking them them questions about the reality of racism.

That attitude is White Supremacy at its CORE.

It would be amusing if it were not so pathetic, this entire scenario, but unfortunately this is not fiction. What happened August 7, 2021 was very real. This is no joke. This is actually how these uneducated radicals really think, if you can call it thinking.

They will justify anything. They will excuse anything. Even the assault of a Black woman and her young Black children and new baby infant. Any crime can be justified if it means they get to be violent and feel good about the violence they hunger for, which is the only thing left that helps them feel alive. Nothing is exempt in their troubled minds. Nothing is off limits. Even Mother’s and babies are fair game.

When you’re a white male ANTIFA Radical you can assault whomever you want.

And these deluded militants will LIE at will no matter what stupid moron thing they’ve done, and no matter who they have hurt, injured or traumatized.

But why would ANTIFA Radicals go after a peaceful group of Christian’s, simply gathered together to pray? Did they have nothing better to do that day? It looks like that was the very situation. Their main adversaries, Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys had been quiet for many months. They had been dealing with their own legal issues and had been staying out of trouble.

So, bored and with nothing better to do, ANTIFA Militants heard about a peaceful prayer group and thought that would be a good target to get out some of their infamous angst at the rest of the world, who might be having fun without them.

How pathetic is that? Seriously, how pathetic is that?

After spending several weeks contacting every single Media Outlet in Portland, Oregon, and being ignored by all of them, (terrified as Portland Media is of Antifa Radicals) Jamee Lynn decided to confront Antifa Radicals themselves and make her own statement. She very effectively gave them a taste of their own medicine by hijacking one of their own events.

August 21, 2021, Jamee Lynn crashed an Antifa Press conference and stridently told the assembled smug white Portlanders exactly what she thought of them. She was eloquent, articulate and confident as she made her candid statement. These smug ANTIFA Militants, parading around as the smug White Saviors they long to be, got an earful when Jamee Lynn took control of the press conference they had planned and shared her truth as a black woman. She told the listening audience how ANTIFA Radicals proclaiming to be supposed “allies” for Black people, assaulted and terrified she and her children, including dozens of other attendees.

Jamee Lynn shared her truth about how Antifa Militants assaulted her, (a Black woman, and her young Black children) including her small infant daughter, who narrowly escaped being killed by the large rock that was thrown directly at her face by a white male Antifa Militant who was screaming obscenities, laughing like a crazy person, thrilled apparently, that he was terrifying people, while yelling: “Where is your God, now?!”

Jamee Lynn busted up a one sided press conference of ANTIFA Terrorists.

Jamee was engaged and confident as she shared what she and her young children survived, and she shared that truth fearlessly. Even after several of the people gathered tried to silence her, including the usual white male ANTIFA Radicals who didn’t want to hear anything she had to say, Jamee would not be silenced.

Another Black woman who was present, a middle-aged activist with Don’t Shoot Portland also tried to silence Jamee Lynn. This woman told Jamee that she was also “an anti-fascist” as well, as if that had anything to do with what Jamee Lynn had been put through at the hands of racist white people pretending to be social justice warriors.

When Jamee Lynn tried to explain to this other Black woman that for the past two weeks Antifa Militants had been trying to get her husband fired from his employment, (he is the sole financial support of a family of ten) this black woman deflected Jamee’s statement and ultimately ignored it, scoffing at Jamee Lynn and refusing to either take her seriously or listen to anything she had to say.

It is time for the people of Portland to fearlessly unmask the LIE of Antifa Militants and see the CULT for what it is; a Fight Club for deluded miscreants who lust for violence and chaos more than anything. Because that is the only thing left that will help them feel alive in a world where they have no status, have contributed nothing and feel empty, worthless and ignored.

If these troubled people judge others and focus on the faults of others, if they use the mantle of racism as their justification for violence, for chaos and for destruction, then they do not have to look at their own shallow, hollow lives where they have accomplished nothing and have no happiness, or genuine self-esteem. This is what keeps ANTIFA Militants committed to the Cult and coming back.


* Last week, in preparation for this commentary I sent emails to fifteen journalists in Portland, for print and online media, such as The Portland Mercury, Willamette Week, Oregonian, and even The Portland Tribune. Not ONE of the these cowardly journalists responded to my question when I asked why they would NOT write honestly and critically about the growing dangers of ANTIFA Militants. The only person to respond was one journalist from The Mercury, who included in her response only three links, but would not answer my simple question.

Not ONE journalist of the fifteen I contacted would answer my question.

That is because the Media in Portland is SCARED. They will remain silent, even when people of color are being attacked and even when their small children are being attacked by violence obsessed ANTIFA. This is what we can expect in Portland. Weak, scared journalists who will not rock the boat with honest, truthful reporting.

The Silence of Portland Media speaks volumes about the RACISM and WHITE SUPREMACY in Portland Oregon and in Portland Media.

It is time the City of Portland charges ANTIFA TERRORISTS for the crimes which they commit. It is time these demented, mentally disturbed sadists are brought to justice and are held accountable for the HATE CRIMES they commit against Black people and other people of color, all while screaming BLACK LIVES MATTER.

No more excuses. But that means having a District Attorney who is NOT in bed with Antifa Militants and currently DA Mike Schmidt IS in bed with Antifa Militants. He is a supporter, a friend and a devotee of the entire violent ideology of Antifa Radicals. That needs to change and that change needs to start now. By awareness. People need to be made aware just how involved DA Mike Schmidt is, in the underworld of White Supremacy and ANTIFA.

DA Mike Schmidt cannot be allowed to remain on the side of violence and chaos, idling standing by while the City of Portland is destroyed. Schmidt cannot be allowed to engage in Malfeasance in Office any longer, repeatedly allowing violent ANTIFA repeat offenders to assault women and children, post bail and go out so they can do it all over again.

Mother’s and children and infants, particularly if they are Black, cannot remain in the crosshairs of Antifa’s racist militants bent on death and destruction, anymore.

Portland needs a return to the core values of compassion and love for others, common sense problem solving, economic inclusion and social equity for all. Portland needs political leaders who do NOT deceive the public into thinking they believe in those values and then turn around and allow Portland to become a war zone. As DA Mike Schmidt has done, with a smile and a shrug as he refuses to prosecute dangerous repeat offenders who offend again and again, putting all of Portland’s citizens at risk.

Women, children and INFANTS must be protected against the violent white racist men of the ANTIFA Cult of Hypocrisy.

Theresa Griffin-Kennedy: I am freelance writer of creative nonfiction, a poet, fiction writer, history writer and contributing columnist for The online Portland Alliance Newspaper, the news website GoLocalPDX and the literary online magazine Live Encounters. I have been published in Pathos Literary Review, Street Roots Newspaper, and with Portland Monthly Magazine. I’m a social activist fighting for social change through writing as a social act. I paint abstract with mixed media and volunteer as a writing coach. I am the author of a book of poetry, Blue Reverie in Smoke: Collected Poetry: 2001–2016, and a book of short stories Burnside Field Lizard and Selected Stories, which was a finalist for the 2019 Next Generation Indie book award for Regional Fiction. both published through the Indie publishing company, Oregon Greystone Press. In 2021 my first novel will be published, Talionic Night in Portland: A Love Story, also by Oregon Greystone press, and The Lost Restaurants of Portland, published by The History Press. Learn more.

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Theresa Griffin Kennedy writes Gonzo Journalism, modern free verse poetry and Literary fiction. Finalist for the 2019 “Next Generation Indie Book Award.”

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Theresa Griffin Kennedy

Theresa Griffin Kennedy

Theresa Griffin Kennedy writes Gonzo Journalism, modern free verse poetry and Literary fiction. Finalist for the 2019 “Next Generation Indie Book Award.”

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