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Well said Candice, well said.. You hit the nail on the head.. At least when Hillary didn’t win the nomination in 2008. She showed loyalty to the party by endorsing Obama and campaigning for him. Unlike Bernie, which I find to be egotistical.. If you watch closely enough you will see it and hear it. Whats the saying, “read between the lines.” I didn’t like the way he bashed Obama even though I really wasn’t a great fan of Obama. But, it wasn’t good to do that..

The whole point to the primaries is this, if you are the same party that is in the Whitehouse then you try to talk about yourself i.e. establish a relationship with your audience, then talk about your policies and what direction you want to take the country. But, you shouldn’t be bashing the president if that person is of your party.. That, I would imagine is why Hillary got most of the Black Vote. If you remember Bernie didn’t in the primaries. I would surmise is because he bashed Obama..